We are an architectural office with 35 years of experience based in Lisbon, Portugal. A cohese group of 20 specialised professionals with a permanent drive to innovate which combine, in each challenge, the aim for innovation with a secured assurance of always keeping clients deadlines and reaching their goals.

Our scope ranges from small private houses with site and client-specific detailing to large scaled projects coordination of architectural and engineering specialties: for all cases we provide a comprehensive pack of all technical and legal design, and accompany all procedures till completion.

The awareness for green sustainable solutions is nowadays global and trendy; for a long time now our architectural design comprehends transversal concern for environmentally ballanced options, from regional and/or long life cycle material choosing to intelligent energy management.

Our design method is not always the same; experience has taught us that each client and assignment, each country or social economic reality is a specific case, and for actually understanding, taming a project, we must be agile and perceptive listeners, avoid importing our own solutions from the past, only because they worked: having previous work done at the right distance from our action to really start solidly each design from scratch.

We have a vast portfolio and satisfied clients and we come from a culture that historically has grown accostumed to looking attentively beyond its borders, and act.

That is why we want to become your partners.