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Intergaup – Lisboa

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As an architectural practice, INTERGAUP has as its main focus on the achievement of the clients objectives.

Having an experience of 40 years in the realisation of architectural projects, from its conception to the detailing, we have always been very focused on how to develop our projects in a global way, with great care and attention to the Interior Design.

In a logic of offering a complete service, and with the passion that motivates us to conceive and control the result of our projects, ranging from architecture to interior design and FF&E itself, INTERGAUP INTERIORS was born, based on the same quality that characterises our company, with a constant search to innovate and taking on each challenge that is proposed to us as unique.

As in architecture, we develop the design of interior spaces, always meeting the expectations of the client and in close collaboration with him.

We understand that, for the success of this work, it is crucial to assume the position of each stakeholder, assuring that, on our part, there will be a great effort in respecting and understanding the objectives set.

Interior design is the natural extension of architecture, and being carried out by the same team, the result will always be cohesive and coherent. We assume our identity as timeless and sophisticated, classic and at the same time contemporary, sober but with some notes of irreverence