Complexo de estufas para cultivo de cannabis para fins medicinais

INTERGAUP chosen by Ceco Wellness for Cannabis Project in Mação

INTERGAUP in partnership with TECHNOEDIF was invited by CECO Wellness, owned by Botanical Holdings PLC to develop the Architecture project for the construction of a cannabis greenhouse complex for medicinal purposes and the transformation and processing building with GACP and GMP standards, on a plot in the municipality of Mação, district of Santarém.

The operation has already received the approval from INFARMED, and the objective is a production capacity of 5,200 kg / year and will create about 50 new jobs in the Municipality of Mação.

In architectural terms, the building was designed with all the technical requirements and associated complexity, with an image inspired by the benzene ring of the chemical formula shown on the CECO WELLNESS logo, to create a formal link of common identity between the building, the product, and the brand, and at the same time bring a technological and innovative image to the building’s facade.

INTERGAUP reinforces its experience in the pharmaceutical industrial area, already having in its portfolio the design of the B14 building of Hovione, in Loures, and the headquarters of Astra Zeneca, in Valejas.